(Originally posted November 9, 2016)

I’ll be praying the following prayer (or some version of it) for the foreseeable future. I’d encourage each of you – regardless of whether you voted for Donald Trump – to pray for him as you see fit.

Loving God,

I don’t know whether Donald Trump as President is your will. But I do know that you have the power to redeem any situation, no matter how hopeless it may seem to us. In reliance on that power, I offer this prayer:

Please guide President-Elect Trump, and use him to bless your world, this nation, and all its citizens.

Impress upon him the immense responsibility of the office he has won, and stir in him the kernel of the divine that you have placed in each of us.

Grant him the wisdom to surround himself with sound counsel, and to reject flatterers, sycophants, and those motivated by hate, greed, or fear.

Lead him away from the path of recrimination and revenge, and show him the way of grace, forgiveness, and humble service.

Change his heart, so that he will come to see as his sacred charges those whom he attacked and marginalized as “other” during the campaign.

Humble him with the knowledge that, like you, he now has the power of life and death over his fellow man. Instill in him a love of life, peace, shalom.

Cultivate in him a spirit of high idealism, grace, modesty, restraint, generosity of spirit, courage, resiliency, judgment, and, above all else, a love for his fellow man that mirrors your own.

Give him an unrelenting hunger to follow you.

It is within your power to make him the finest President in American history, and I fervently pray that you will do so, because his success is now America’s success, and his failure is America’s failure.

I pray that, as it falls to each of us do so, we would do our part to bring about your kingdom. Fill us so full with your love that we cannot help sharing it with our fellow man. Bless our country, not only for our sake, but so that we may be a blessing to your world and your people.